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F**k This - Making a stand for what's right.

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Boundaries: Let me tell you about Julie Kavanagh the founder of Life In Motion. She's a proper no-nonsense Mancunian, and she knows a thing or two about standing up for what you believe in.

Julie's got a heart of gold, and as a single Mum, she took in 2 kids who had been through the wringer. These little ones had zero boundaries, and their behaviour was wilder than a Manchester night out. It's no wonder, really - imagine having everything taken away from you in one fell swoop. Your name, your family, your teddy bear, the lot. It'd make anyone go a bit loopy.

But you know what? Julie's not having any of it. She's teaching these kids how to stand up for themselves, set their own boundaries and be true to what they believe in. And let me tell you, it's not easy. Adopted kids have it tough - they're punished and excluded all over the place for stuff that's not even their fault.

But Julie's not giving up. She's documenting their journey, their ups and downs, their gloriously dysfunctional ways. She's putting her kids front and centre of the narrative, telling their story in a way that only they can. And she's doing it all while keeping them safe and offline, like a proper mother hen.

So, if you see something that's not right, if you see a wrong that needs righting, just remember what Julie would do: she'd stand up, she'd say "Fuck this!", and she'd set her stall out. Because nothing feels as good as making a stand for what you believe in.


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