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Don't be that kid standing at the top of the slide, overthinking, too afraid to go down

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Sometimes life can look pretty overwhelming and massive. Like that kid standing at the top of the slide, overthinking, too afraid to go down. You've got a great idea, but it can appear so overwhelming, it's hard to see a way forward and let's face it, that lecky bill won't pay itself.

As the Creative Boss lady of Life In Motion and always one to keep pushing forward, I was trawling the Screen Skills website, looking for answers and a change from creating commercial dance moves for TV Ads and brands. Any change had to be huge and needed to take into account the demands of being a single working Mum, juggling 2 Adopted Neurodiverse kids with no school place that could meet their needs.

Feeling like the Family Uber Driver as I ferried the kids about, waiting in country lanes outside my kid's SEND Alternative Provisions, I devised a plan. I applied for the Screen Skills Mentorship Program and was double chuffed to be matched with TV Producer Sophie Morgan from Portopia Productions.

Sophie's extensive TV experience helped me to focus on what I was trying to say with my idea of creating TV content, documentaries and drama that lends its platform to the voice of Care Experienced and Adopted Children. Showcasing their brilliance in the face of so much travesty and the life-long Neurological challenges they often experience due to disrupted attachments.

Having a mentor for this past year has been an enormously positive step forward. Sophie has been right by my side, cheering me on, pushing and giving me the confidence that there's nothing wrong with being Dyslexic and crap at spelling and that there is no problem with moving from TV Dance to TV Drama.

With the Screen Skills Mentorship Program and Producer Sophie Morgan's help, my vision for Life In Motion continues to go from strength to strength.


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