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Seeking Contributors For A TV Documentary

We are looking for contributors for an eye opening documentary for TV. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have more info. Your welfare & confidentiality is our priority.

We are seeking 2-3 dynamic individuals aged between 16 and 30 for this project. They must be passionate about advocating for our cause and they need to be able to have the capacity to advocate for themselves. We're not here for sob stories; we're celebrating those overcoming immense odds. It could have been a family breakdown, the care system, adoption, exclusions, failed schools, secure units or the criminal justice system. We want personalities that jump off the screen, bold and brave, who've faced adversity. Despite a really complex early start and some hell-raising situations, they have pushed barriers and are in need of a bloody good solid break. We need budding people who want to get off the merry-go-round of not always making the 'right choices.' We are seeking out that person who has the potential to touch the sky if only someone could accommodate their wild and quirky ways. It could even be someone who is able to look back, knowing it worked out and would now like to connect the dots of how things once became so complex for them.


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