Working and illness.

//Working and illness.

Working and illness.

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Running between TV Production jobs, producing Commercial Dance / Movement spots for TV commercials. Choreographing Fashion Shows, Dance Rehearsals, Dance Auditions and producing on line films, used to be my daily world at Life In Motion.

And then it stoped. Literally over night. I became ill. Or more so, I burnt out. Despite having a physically demanding job, loving fitness and hitting the gym, I believed I was at the peek of fitness, invincible and ambitious. But it seems I couldn’t keep sickness at bay.

Over the past 3 years I have had so many operations and invasive procedures I’ve lost count. A rough guess, I’d say around 30. Eye watering I know! The hospital literally became my 2nd home. The recovery was long, painful, gruelling and if not isolating enough it took on a whole new meaning once Covid hit town.

So how did I work, a single Mum with children who have extremely high needs, each registered SEN in an education system that massively failed them last year so they can no longer attend school?

Where has that left me and Life In Motion my wonderful Commercial Dance business I have spent years of my life dedicated too.

I won’t lie the past 3 years have been dire and taken their emotional toll. But with strength and determination, I pushed on. I changed how I approach my jobs, changed the direction the buisness was going in.

Not many people know I have Dyslexia, which both cripples me in panic when working but also gives me amazing creative vision and drive to say, “sod it, I cant spell but I know how to visualise a bloody great idea and get a job done.”

Taking my commercial dance experience, keen eye for telling stories and spinning my skills set in an interesting way whilst being able to see to my children’s additional needs became the driving force of the change at Life In Motion. We started to transition into producing film content and drama for on line and social.

I built a great team around me who I’ve known for years and trust impeccably. We are all have a long list of various expertise within Commercial TV. A multi skilled set of Creatives who can utilise their knowledge and flip it to meet our clients demands.

Covid has allowed us to develop and work remotely from various parts of the UK. Producing on line contact and short drama films for BBC social. Its been refreshing and exciting to watch the development unfold.

Being so ill taught me so much. How to not chase a million jobs and be selective in my approach so I can give 100% to my clients. I no longer just expect everything thats offered to me. TV clients are demanding, they expect the very best, I have never let a client down, nor do I plan to start.

Being selective and creative in the way I approach my work now has been refreshing. Im proud of the work Life In Motion have produced. Im grateful for the dedication my team showed on the days we have had work on and huge deadlines to meet all juggling child care and Covid restrictions. Without them I would not have been able to keep the buisness going.

But most of all. Im proud of me, Ive faced the beast of a long term aggressive illness straight in the eye, pushed through and marched myself forward with true Norther Grit and finally got myself cured…….hurray!!!!

The future looks bright for Life In Motion. Im excited and pumped for the projects we have coming up for release.