Who’s Scared of Moving?

//Who’s Scared of Moving?

Who’s Scared of Moving?

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Who’s Scared Of Moving?

Moving – The act or an instance of moving; a change in place or position.’

I walked on set and found myself faced with 50 senior ladies, none of whom had any professional dance experience.

The 1st AD shouted across the room, ‘Julie, you’ve got an hour to make this work before agency and director sign off.’

My assistant and I looked at each other, took a deep breath and said, ‘Right. Better crack on then.’ We had several scenes to plough through.

We hadn’t been involved with the talent casting so we had no idea if the ladies could dance, or even if they’d be willing to give it a go. Our choreography prep time had been limited. We had lots of ideas but no idea if they would work.

Time was not our friend and the director wanted several movement and choreography options and he wanted them ‘Now!’

Time to think on our feet.

The director didn’t want a dance routine but he did need the ladies to perform every-day moves to music, in sync and in time and this is where the value of using a Movement Director on set is realised.

Movement Direction is a long way from teaching shape throwing and full-on dance-routines. It’s about supporting non-dancers, like my self-conscious ladies, to keep movement in time – either to music or camera cuts,  or both.

So, with some gentle demonstration, lots of motivating laughs and a good dose of  Irish charm from my brilliant assistant we achieved what some thought was unachievable. We managed to get 50 uncoordinated ladies synchronised and most important on time, turning them into The infamous Shreddies Dancing Knitting Nanas!