Paul McCartney FUH YOU Music Video


Paul McCartney FUH YOU Music Video

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When your asked if your free to choreograph Paul McCartneys next music video, you ensure the diary is cleared!! 

Life In Motions Creative Director Julie Kavanagh, commissioned by Annex Films and Manchesters 4Shoots was thrilled to be given the opportunity to flex her movement coaching skills. 

With director Simon Aboud at her side giving clear instructions on what he wanted to see, Julie quickly got to work choreographing the movement. 

She met young actor Harry Wyatt, the hero of the Paul McCartneys FUH YOU music video to rehearse the movement before the shoot. 

Director Simon made it crystal clear the movement was not to look too fancy and definitely not crazy full out commercial dance. He needed Harry to look relaxed whilst lip syncing to camera but also wanted some natural movement with nerves to come through. After all, this track was about a young land on his first date. 

Harry Wyatt was a dream to work with. Despite having a fright when he was told he’d have to  kiss on camera he was keen to get it all right. Julie spent most of the day with Harry on set, talking him through each scene, how to lip sync, look into the camera, and even managed a little foot shuffle at the side of the curb. 

Life In Motion has to be said are really proud of this one!