Dyslexia -V- Dance

//Dyslexia -V- Dance

Dyslexia -V- Dance

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I have Dyslexia, a while back I started to get notes from work colleagues about my spelling or lack of apostrophes when emailing or using social. 

I stood back shocked……..and asked the question, does it matter?

I then started to notice the out cries online berating other people for their miss use of grammar. Again I asked the question, does it matter? 

I hear you cry, ‘But don’t you spell check Julie? Of course I spell check. Im paralysed in spell checking, spending hours, days, pouring over anything I have written, checking, checking checking. But what’s the use of spell checking if I have zero concept the spell check changed it to the wrong word or meaning of the same word. Or I just don’t see the mistake, blinded by words that move about in front of me.

I called my brother, Peter Masters another Dyslexic in the family, he left school unable to read but scaled the dizzy heights to become one of Manchester well known award winning contemporary furniture designers.  Moving onto designing some awesome commercial spaces for even more awesome cooler brands. 

I asked……Pete, ‘does it matter we can’t spell,’ we both burst out laughing. Pete shouted out around the office, ‘Guys, does it matter if me and my sis cant spell’, the office staff shouted back with a big yes! Peter replied back, ’err apparently Julie, some people do think it’s important’. We laughed again. 

So where does that leave me and my brother. Paralysed unable to work in a Creative Industry that holds spelling at such high regard? Disregarding all the talent skills we can bring to the job?

Where does it leave my daughter, who despite having daily 1-1 extra lessons for years in school still can’t read. I watch her sprit becoming more and more broken every day in a system that holds reading, writing and spelling with such high regard. Dismissing her creative genius little mind. 

You see what people seem to not understand is that having Dyslexia is amazing. It gives you this unique ability to have your mind opened up to the world in a different capacity. It allows us to not get bogged down in tiny detail but to hold a vision to create a whole picture approach. Many people who have dyslexia have strong visual, creative and problem-solving skills. Would it be right to dismiss them if they left that apostrophe out on their CV?

So how did dance help me to write? Simple, I learned the patterns of the keyboard for spelling. There’s a rhythm within typing, so I taught myself to feel the words, rather than spell them.

The Dance, Creative, TV, Film and Music industries are full of Dyslexic people. Many secretively paranoid of the colleague who slides up to them, snidely pointing out they have made yet another spelling mistake. Dismissing their bloody brilliant talent skill or breath-taking ideas. 

I call these people dream crushers.

I guess us dancers could snidely point out that basic  2 step they thrown down every night out is pretty dire…..but that’s tight right?

Iv got some great work colleagues who actually enjoy my hilarious mistakes and find it amusing to decode my bizarre spelling. 

So my suggestion is if your a Dance Dyslexic like me, surround yourself with people who celebrate your hilarious spelling mistakes. Don’t sweat over your crap spelling or reading. Own it, tell everyone before hand, ask for help reading / righting briefs or contracts, then march forward proud.

On a final note……if there are a billion grammar and spelling mistakes in this page…….then who cares. Dropping a killer beat and dancing is way more fun!!!!