Declan J Donovan Vienna Music Video

//Declan J Donovan Vienna Music Video

Declan J Donovan Vienna Music Video

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Being recommended for a job is always a great compliment. Through our network of loyal clients we were recommended and then contacted by to work on the Declan J Donovan Vienna Music Video.

Follow a flurry of weekend calls between Director James Salter, Producer Fred Bonham Carter from My Accomplice Film and Life In Motion’s Creative Director,  Julie Kavanagh.

The directors brief was to create stunning movement and choreography that reflected a beautiful relationship. It was important to the music video concept that the choreography flowed, looked natural and believable. The movement needed to travel seamlessly between scenes, but equally it was important not to look ‘too polished’. Using actors who will commit to working with Movement Directors / Choreographers will give you this.

After careful consideration we decided to bring on one of our experienced Commercial Choreographer’s Johnny White. He works great under pressure and has a real natural charm when it comes to choreographing with Actors.

It’s always fantastic when we have the opportunity to create dance, movement or choreography with non dancers. It really pushes the Life In Motion team.  We really enjoy working closely with the DOP and Camera Operator to develop great traveling shots that capture the movement with interesting edits.