BBC Super Movers in partnership with the Premier League

//BBC Super Movers in partnership with the Premier League

BBC Super Movers in partnership with the Premier League

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Life in Motion, were commissioned by the BBC to produce a series of 10 short films for its ‘Super Movers’ initiative, in partnership with the Premier League . A further BBC Super Movers film in partnership with the Premier League was also produced for Liverpool Football Club titled ‘The Liverpool Bounce.’

The project aim was to  inspire primary school aged children to get active at school and at home. The brief was to right and produce  original music along with interesting and varied dance choreography entwined with great visuals.

Life In Motion also proposed that the films were accessible as possible for SEN Children within inclusive class rooms and schools.

Lynsey Hulme, Producer and Julie Kavanagh, Creative Director were passionate about developing a set of unique films for the Super Movers brand. They wanted to offer a different inspiration to get kids motivated and moving.

They came up with the ‘ Super Movers Crew.’ A 3 character led dance crew that would each have their own personalities, styles of dance and background story that could be relatable to our target audience. This allowed for development of the project with live shows  and PA’s to help promote and widen the reach for the BBC and Premier League 

Before any music or routine went into production we focused tested first. Using a mixed group of children from 5-11 years old we  approached children and families from various backgrounds, some SEN children,  a number of different class rooms and quite a few front rooms.

We wanted to see what worked, the feedback on the Super Movers Crew characters and most importantly what didn’t appeal to the children and why.

They were honest!!

This gave us a great insight moving forward, we were totally focused. The Life In Motion team were briefed, understood the bigger picture and all were clear on what the outcomes of the Super Movers Crew needed to be.

Our Creative Director Julie Kavanagh has an extensive background in International Gaming as a Choreographer Producer.  She’s produced and ran teams of multi skilled choreographers and dancers for various gaming platforms. All mostly danced in living rooms and class rooms. This job fit her set of skills perfectly.

Lynsey Hulme our producer on this project, equally multi skilled and a keen ear to the ground was able to pull in our large team of industry experts in music, film, dance for a heavily led choregraphed film production. With a number of crews and artists  traveling all over Greater Manchester to dance rehearsals, music recording, location shooting and editing studios the production ran seamlessly. Lynsey brought everything to fruition on time and more importably on budget.

We are beyond proud of our films for the Super Movers Project in partnership with the BBC and Premier League. Its been amazing to work on.

Take a look at the videos now live on the BBC Sport website. You can also view on BBC iplayer.