BBC Oneness Christmas film 2017 ‘The Supporting Act’

//BBC Oneness Christmas film 2017 ‘The Supporting Act’

BBC Oneness Christmas film 2017 ‘The Supporting Act’

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Their BBC Oneness Christmas film showcases an outstanding celebration of how great choreography and animation can come together to make you jump out of your arm chair for joy.

The film is about a dance mad little girl and her dad. The BBC describe the synopsis as, ‘Dad is always busy, and getting even busier as Christmas approaches. He remains distracted up until the moment that really matters, when father and daughter come together in a wonderful moment of ‘oneness’.

How can you not fail to be caught in the magical connection these two characters have?

A genuine connection with the viewer is made using an unpolished performance at the forefront of their campaign, something that I’ve advocated many times when working with TV commercial clients.

Director Elliot Dear from Blinkink who worked with the BBC’s in house creative agency BBC Creative says: “The story is about an emotional connection between a girl and her dad. We wanted to make a film that had the charming, handmade qualities of stop-motion animation, the tiny imperfections that let you know it’s been done for real. The aim was to combine this with CG animation, which we used for the faces, in order to capture the tiny nuances of human facial expressions, enabling the characters to be very emotive without the use of dialogue.”

It’s a lovely representation of the millions of kids driving their busy parents crazy with their non-stop dancing, skipping, leaping and prancing.

Something we can all relate to. Well done BBC.