All Good Things Come In 3’s

//All Good Things Come In 3’s

All Good Things Come In 3’s

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Apple’s Christmas Advert – Sway

After the successful commercials Stroll and Roll, Apple does it again with Sway for their Christmas 2017 campaign.

Keeping to the same travelling shot formats as Stroll and Roll, two strangers pass in the street then share Apple’s AirPod Earbuds. Queue immersion into their own, personal, winter-wonderland world.

Like the previous ads of this campaign, the viewer is transported into an explosion of cleverly crafted movement and choreography that travels seamlessly throughout the shots. The viewer is embraced and drawn into the shot via the travelling choreography throughout. The result: that you’ve been on that journey with them.

Director Sam Brown has the boldness to take the movement into the air and away from the floor.

Myself and many other choreographers and movement directors sometimes choreograph while wearing earphones. This allows you to really immerse yourself in the music, to feel the heartbeat of the track and to give richness and depth to your ideas.

Apple have captured this experience perfectly. It’s an explosion of clever choreography that takes full advantage of the whole environment.

It’s not only bold, but truly showcases just how movement and choreography can enhance the story and really take the viewer with them on an immersive journey, resulting in an emotional connection with the brand.